Mancora Bamboo 3 Pack - 2 Navy + 1 Black


Odor Resistant
Buttery Soft
Moisture Wicking
4 Way Stretch

The Mancora T-shirt is designed for today's travelers and adventurers.
It's made from ultra soft and premium bamboo fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin, prevents unpleasant odors, and allows you to feel fresh and comfortable no matter where your next adventure takes you.
It's also much more sustainable than cotton or synthetic fabrics.
Great for a day in the city, a weekend trip, traveling, and remote working.

Composition: 95% Bamboo 5% Elastane.

This proprietary blend offers the best qualities of two fabrics: the all-day comfort, breathability and softness of bamboo, and the fit of Elastane.

- Machine wash at or below 30°.
- Wash with like colors
- No bleach
- Do not tumble dry
- Iron low temp
- No dry clean

Fit: Signature - designed to be fitted around the chest and shoulders with a taper down the body through the waist.

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The perfect shirt for everyday use

Our classic all day Bamboo T-shirt is the perfect solution for everyday wear, remote working or while traveling.
A basic & minimalistic design made from 95% antibacterial bamboo fabric that provides comfort and style no matter what you do.

° Designed for the outdoors, travel, or a day in the city.

° Minimum sweat, Minimum odor, maximum comfort and style.

° Built to last with no shape or color changes after washing.

Unmatched Comfort


The structure of bamboo fibers is spongelike, which enables air to circulate easily, making it 50% more breathable than cotton.


Enjoy limitless movement and a comfortable fit, thanks to the elasticity of this bamboo blend.

Wicks Moisture

With bamboo t-shirts wicking 40% more moisture than cotton t-shirts you can enjoy freshness no matter where your next adventure takes you.

Easy to pack

Unlike cotton and synthetics, Bamboo Won't smell even after a week of wear, which means you can pack less and enjoy more.

Extremely Versatile

Mix & Match

Our minimalistic design and timeless fit allow you to wear our T-shirts with any outfit you want.
This way you don't need to carry much clothing and always feel new.

All Day Style

Never feel like you're under dressed.
From a day in the city to walk on the beach, look stylish no matter where you go, and how much your day is packed.


Our lightweight material allow to easily layer pieces and adapt to weather conditions.

Fabric Technology

Odor Resistant

Stay fresh and odorless for weeks
Thanks to bamboo's anti-microbial properties.

Temperature Regulation

Bamboo will keep you warm when it's cool, and cool you down when it's hot.
Take it with you to any destination.

UV Protection

Bamboo fabric will naturally protect you from the sun.

About This Fabric

Bamboo Fabrics Are Better For The Planet

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