Our Story


Derived from the ancient Sanskrit, the term "Lukachari" is originally written as "Lokachari," signifying a "traveler" or a "wanderer of the earth."

Where We Started

Our story begins with a passion for exploration, a love for comfort, and the frustration of clothes that couldn't keep up with our dynamic lifestyles. 

As travelers ourselves, there were 2 things we hated the most.
The uncomfortable feeling of smelling bad after spending some time outside, and the constant fussing over what to pack or carrying around heavy suitcases.

So, we thought, why not make travel easier and more enjoyable? That's how Lukachari was born.

Our Mission

We're all about creating clothes that let you pack light and stay fresh all day.
Imagine this: you're packing for your next trip, and instead of stuffing your bag with heaps of clothes, you pick a few versatile Lukachari pieces, and you’re set. 

They're designed to resist odors and reduce the need for washing. 

That means more time exploring and less time worrying about laundry!

Our clothes aren't just practical; they're comfortable and stylish too.

We've chosen fabrics that feel great and keep up with your on the go lifestyle. 

Whether you're navigating a bustling city or off on a remote adventure, our clothes are right there with you – keeping things simple and fresh.

Our Philosophy

Lukachari is more than just an apparel brand. 

It’s a new way to live and travel.

From the stitches to the materials, every bit of our items is designed with you in mind – the modern traveler, the business nomad, the ones living life on the move.